What is CPA Marketing?

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Many people around the world have found that they could also enjoy an extra a lot of money with learning how to get leads to complete actions per a criteria instructed by the advertisers online. These actions included sales, sale leads, clicks, view of videos and others. Many people are realizing that CPA marketing is one of the best ways for publishers to make money on their websites.

Cost Per Action or CPA Marketing is known by many acronyms. However it is all the same. Pay Per Acquisition or Cost per Conversion is a booming online marketing opportunity based on a pricing model where the advertisers pays for a specific action such as a sale, a click or form submit via email request, newsletter sign up or registration. In this model, advertising is only paid for if and when the desired action is achieved. That action is normally determined by the advertiser.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) is a type of CPA that advertisers only pay for the lead delivered under certain terms of the agreement.  They do not pay out for leads generated outside agreed upon criteria. No scamming.  The payment model is driven solely by leads and not sales.

Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost per Click (CPC) are both sub forms of Cost per Action as well with the action being a click. Pay Per Click is also known to utilized paid search marketing such as Google thru Google Ad Sense or Microsoft BING.  The advertisers pays you for each time some clicks on your link. Ten Dollar investment and some skill could turn easily to a $50 plus in profit. Test and find tune traffic could lead to higher gains once you scale up.

Mobile CPA is a new sub form from CPA that heavily utilizes mobile device traffic to advertise mobile friendly actions such as clicks, application downloads, video advertising and incentive campaigns such as download an application or watch an advertisement in order to play or receive some type of credit or token to be used to engage in the free game. Many Mobile Marketers will have mobile applications either developed for them or they purchase from online.  They use the applications to display ads and reap the revenue monthly from  those advertisement clicks. You can do this as well.

Find the Right Offer

First things first, lets find offers that work within the niche that your website(s) traffic. There are hundreds of offers available on a lot of these CPA network sites. I would suggest that you join several. I like MaxVault.com and Peerfly.com. I use OfferVault.com to see offers available from multiple networks.

Join an CPA Affiliate Network

Most CPA Affiliate Networks are free to join however most of the good ones you have to be approved first. You will be asked to fill out a form and provide SSN or TAX ID if accepted for tax and payout purposes. Be as descriptive yet as honest as possible when filling these applications out. Some of them will ask for a telephone number and they will contact you within 48 hours normally to ask more specifics about your background and goals. If you are new to affiliate marketing, tell them, a good relationship with your affiliate manager is necessary in working in Affiliate Networking. They will put you in the best opportunities to succeed. (Obviously they make a commission.) Email or call them at least once a week to check in an make sure you are on top of any new launches.

How do I find out any reviews about certain CPA Affiliate Networks?

We current are reviewing a bunch of Affiliate Networks at the moment. Please visit often and be sure to read our blog reviews.  We also in the past has check with other sites such as odigger.com or affilipay.com.

Do I Need CPA Tracking Software?

Tracking software allows you to personally track you converting leads as well as research and test different sales campaign techniques and audiences. Also allows you to have an audit trail against shady affiliates that may try to scam you out of leads and payouts. Tracking Software is not necessary to start in CPA Affiliate Marketing however it will cost you in the long run not being on top of your own stats. CPVLabs, Vollum, and Clickmagick are popular platforms all with great advantages and option packages.

Do I need Web Hosting to do CPA Marketing?

Answer is no, however to be done successfully long term, The answer is yes. Web Hosting comes in many forms as necessity to create innovative and converting landing pages as well as sale funnels. Having a niche driven website would be a great place to publish advertisement for offers that you find that niche would be interested in.  If necessary you can even create effective landing pages using free web hosting such as WIX and url redirects.




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